Spring General Meeting Recap

10% of members registered for this year’s AAPS Spring GM.

361 members were in attendance either online or in-person.

If you missed the meeting, please email the AAPS Office to get the webcast link. Here is a brief recap.

MARKET COMPENSATION REVIEW (starts at 0:49:39 of the webcast)

AAPS President Andrea Han gave an overview of the Market Compensation Review process and implementation. She stressed the importance for everyone to note that the market compensation review does not reflect individual performances. She also reminded attendees of the May 1st GWI and ESD that will be reflected in your May 15th pay.

AAPS was successful in achieving their three priorities for this negotiation:

  • All out of market job family levels increased to market:
  • Data for phased implementation aged
  • Retroactive increases 

2016 Compensation Review Implementation by numbers:

  • 53.4% of members will see their earning potential increase
  • 30.7% of members will receive a raise during the implementation process
  • 23 Job Families are impacted by the changes
  • 111 Job Family Levels will change
  • 1st year that retroactive payments were negotiated
  • 3 Implementation Dates: July 1, 2016, July 1 2017, and July 1 2018



ADVOCACY UPDATE (starts at 1:10:56 of the webcast)

AAPS Executive Director Joey Hansen presented an Advocacy Update. He focused on the areas of

  • Bullying/Harassment issues
  • Without cause terminations
  • Investigations
  • Reclassifications
  • Arbitrations

He highlighted a number of cases and examples. He reiterated the importance of your Right to Representation. Joey then spoke about the significant increase in advocacy cases that the office has received, noting that the cases have out-paced member growth:

Growth Since 2009/2010

  • 130% Reclassification
  • 87%  Return to Work
  •  82%  Bullying
  • 77%  Grievances
  • 68%  Investigations
  • 61%  Queries
  • 26%  Members

AAPS Budget (1:48:12 of the webcast)

AAPS Treasurer Paul de Leon presented the 2017/2018 AAPS Budget for approval by the members. He first introduced members of the Finance Committee, whose expertise and advice is invaluable to AAPS. The budget was approved as well as and the appointment of the auditor.

You can review the budget handout.


AAPS Outstanding Volunteer Awards (2:09:07 of the webcast)

Before adjourning, President Andrea Han announced that Chris Skipper and Justin Marples had been given the AAPS Outstanding Volunteer Award for their enduring service to the organization.

With a reminder about the upcoming BC General Election, the meeting was adjourned.