Calculating vacation for members who have continuous service with UBC in multiple roles


It has come to our attention that a number of members who have held positions with UBC, prior to transferring into AAPS, have had their vacation calculated incorrectly.

If you are an AAPS member that has had continuous service as an employee of UBC, but not solely as an AAPS member, please review this memo carefully and then contact the AAPS Office if you have any additional questions.

  1. This applies to members that have had continuous employment with UBC, but held different employee positions outside of the AAPS group. This includes:
    1. CUPE
    2. BCGEU
    3. Non-Union Techs and Research Assistants
    4. IUOE 882
    5. Faculty
    6. Excluded Staff
    7. Post-Docs
    8. Students
  2. Your vacation should be calculated based on your original start date as a UBC employee in any position and so long your employment with UBC has been continuous.


In 2012 you were hired as a post-doc. Two years later you moved into a research assistant position as part of the Non-Union Research Tech/Research Assistants employee group. After three years in that position, you moved into your current M&P role and became a member of AAPS. So long as your employment with UBC has been continuous and there have been no breaks in your service, your vacation should be calculated based on your original start date with UBC in 2012.

In this example by the time you joined AAPS you would already have had 5 years of continuous service and be entitled to vacation based on 5 years. Please also note that vacation is calculated based on calendar years of service.

This is clearly outlined in Article 11.2 of your Collective Agreement:


“Vacation entitlement shall be calculated based on the employee’s length of service at the University in any position.”

You can review the full article here.

What does Continuous Employment mean?

Continuous employment means that you have been working as a UBC employee without a break or stoppage to your service either voluntarily or involuntarily. If you have taken a leave of absence (including personal, sick, study, maternity, or parental leave) this does not constitute a break in service.

If you have any additional questions about calculating your vacation after you have read the memo, please contact the AAPS Office at or 604 822 9025.