Clarification of the Memo to members regarding calculating vacation


Based on the responses that we have received to our memo, Calculating vacation for members who have continuous service with UBC in multiple roles, that was emailed to you on Wednesday, July 26, 2017, we would like to issue the following clarification:

  1. In the example that was provided, we noted that the member had 5 years of service, but vacation should be calculated based on calendar years of service.


In 2012 you were hired as a post-doc. Two years later you moved into a research assistant position as part of the Non-Union Research Tech/Research Assistants employee group. After three years in that position, you moved into your current M&P role and became a member of AAPS. So long as your employment with UBC has been continuous and there have been no breaks in your service, your vacation should be calculated based on your original start date with UBC in 2012.

                Based on this example, while the member had 5 years of service with UBC, they would be in their 6th calendar year of service with UBC.

Calendar Years of Service

Years of Service

2012: 1st calendar year of service

2012-2013: 1st year of service

2013: 2nd calendar year of service

2013-2014: 2nd year of service

2014: 3rd calendar year of service

2014-2015: 3rd year of service

2015: 4th calendar year of service

2015-2016: 4th year of service

2016: 5th calendar year of service

2016-2017: 5th year of service