UBC Operating Engineers Strike Vote—What AAPS members need to know

Dear AAPS Members,

The Operating Engineers (IUOE 882) took at strike vote on Thursday, September 7, 2017. They received a 100% mandate for a strike and will be in a legal strike position late Sunday or Monday morning.

The potential strike may impact members located at Point Grey Campus and those travelling to Point Grey Campus for work.

While the Operating Engineers may not go on strike, it is important that all AAPS members make the time to review their rights and obligations during a strike and provide notice to their managers/supervisors if they will not be crossing the picket line in the event of a strike.

Article 14.7 of your Collective Agreement states that:

The University’s Policy on Crossing of Picket Lines applies to employees.  In addition, recognition of picket lines requires that Management and Professional Staff maintain adequate essential services established by the University in consultation with AAPS in order to protect human lives, living collections, basic student services, and basic physical plant services during the period of disruption.  The University may refer any dispute about the adequacy of essential services contemplated or provided by Management and Professional Staff to an arbitrator mutually agreed to by the University and AAPS for a binding decision within 12 hours of the referral.

*Please note that the University updated their policy on Crossing Picket Lines in February 2017.

What Does this Mean?

Those members who are not deemed essential are not required to cross picket lines. Members who choose not to cross picket lines will not be paid for time not in attendance at work.

UBC’s updated policy states that “A Non-Striking Employee who intends not to cross a picket line during a labour dispute should inform his or her Department Head or Supervisor as soon as possible, normally within 48 hours after a union provides strike notice to the University.”

Members who choose to not cross the picket line cannot be subject to disciplinary action by the University. Any arrangement for telecommuting, flex time or vacation time should be established beforehand with your manager.

AAPS still needs to be consulted about what is deemed an essential service. We will provide a further update once this had been determined.

For those positions deemed essential the University can compel members to work up to 60 hours per week at its discretion. However, any hours worked under this arrangement above the statutory 35 hours must be compensated on an hour for hour basis (i.e. straight time). Under this circumstance, a Labour Relations Board “global order” prevails over the Collective Agreement language. Please note that all other provisions of your Collective Agreement remain in force.

If your position is deemed essential or you are assigned exigent duties deemed essential and you are concerned about this designation, please contact the AAPS Office to arrange a confidential discussion of your situation.

AAPS Office

In the event of a strike, the physical AAPS Office will be closed, and AAPS staff will be working remotely. We will be available by phone and by email. Should you be summoned to an investigatory meeting during the strike, please email AAPS Executive Director Joey Hansen, joey.hansen@ubc.ca for representation.

If the Operating Engineers go on strike, we will send out an additional member email, and we will keep the AAPS website and twitter feed updated to the best of our ability with information regarding the strike.



Joey Hansen, Executive Director
The Association of Administrative and Professional Staff at UBC