Read the AAPS Annual Report and Fall Reminders


We invite you to read the AAPS 2016/2017 Annual Report.

The report features:

  • An extended Advocacy Report
  • A Celebration of our 40th Anniversary year
  • A special Members@Work photo series of long-service members

You can read the report online, download the PDF version, or request a print copy by emailing the AAPS Office with your campus mailing address.



Vote for the 2017/2018 AAPS Board of Directors

We have an excellent group of candidates running for three member at large positions on the AAPS Board of Directors. Please review all of the candidate statements carefully and cast your vote. Follow this link for candidate statements and voting instructions.


Please RSVP for the AAPS 40th Anniversary Annual General Meeting

The meeting will take place on Wednesday, October 18, 2017. We are holding in-person meetings at Point Grey Campus, Okanagan Campus, St. Paul’s Hospital, and VGH with AAPS Board members and staff in attendance. You can also request the webcast link to view the meeting live or at a later date. Follow this link to review the agenda and register.

Unused Vacation Time

At this time of year we like to remind members to take a look at their unused vacation time for the 2017 calendar year. As per Article 11.2.1 If an employee does not take their full vacation entitlement in a given calendar year, the employee may (with the advance approval of their supervisor) carry a maximum of two (2) weeks (ten days) of vacation entitlement into the next calendar year. Approval by the supervisor for carry-over of vacation time shall not be unreasonably withheld.

Use the M&P Staff PD Fund

If you haven’t planned your professional development activities for the year, now is the time. The M&P PD Fund (LOA #3) makes available up to $550 per AAPS members, on a first come-first served basis, each fiscal year for self-directed professional development. While AAPS has made significant gains during the last round of bargaining to increase the fund, it typically runs out in January/February. UBC HR oversees the administration of the M&P Staff PD Fund and can answer your questions on qualifying activities and the reimbursement process. If you would like to see the level of the fund or how much you have used, you can log into your management system portal. Regardless of the fiscal or calendar year your professional development activities take place, receipts must be submitted within 60 days of purchase to be reimbursed.

Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family

The AAPS Office will be closed on Monday October 9th for the statutory holiday. Please enjoy your long weekend.