AAPS 40th Anniversary AGM Highlights

We were pleased to have members attending in person and via the webcast. We held in-person meetings with staff and Board members in attendance at Point Grey Campus, the Okanagan Campus, Centre for Hip Health and Mobility at VGH, and the Heart Lung Innovation Centre at St. Paul's Hospital. St. Paul's had their largest attendance yet! Thank you to everyone to participated in-person or online.

Since ‘77

On October 18th AAPS celebrated its 40th Anniversary AGM. Since 1977, The Association of Administrative and Professional Staff at UBC have supported and represented the needs of M&P Staff at UBC through this organization. While a lot as changed in 40 years (although a Trudeau is still Prime Minister) the vision of the organization remains the same, and that is to be a voice for M&P staff to University leadership and create a professional community here at UBC. Learn more about AAPS' history here.

Financial Report

Treasurer Paul de Leon presented the AAPS Financial Report, and the membership approved the Financial Statements for 2016/2017 as well as a transfer from the reserve fund. Paul also reviewed the new way the Summary Statements of the Financial Position will be presented.

Labour Relations Update

Joey Hansen reviewed a number of pressing labour relations topics including bullying/harassment, privacy issues, good faith, and venues for dispute resolution. He also discussed what AAPS sees as an ongoing issue that the University of female managers being treated differently than their male counterparts. He talked about specific actions AAPS has been taking in the court system and hope to have additional information on those resolutions in the coming months.

There were a number of questions regarding privacy in the workplace. AAPS members should contact AAPS immediately if their supervisor/manager asks for access to their work email. There may be certain circumstances where this is permissible, but members should always check with AAPS first. There are certain circumstances where the employer may have access to electronic devices or applications purchased by your employer, but again, please check with AAPS first. The employer does not have access to your personal email accounts or other personal apps such as iTunes. If you have any questions or concerns about privacy issues in your workplace, please contact the AAPS Labour Relations for a confidential conversation.

The 2017/1018 AAPS Board of Directors

A warm thank you to everyone who put their names forward for election this year. We are heartened to see the number of members standing for the AAPS Board of Directors. Your commitment to your association and your place of work is outstanding. We are working to find ways to include more members in governance issues and look forward to your suggestions. AAPS Elections Office Christie Stephenson delivered the election results:

  • 15 Nominees
  • 3 Member at Large Positions
  • 479 Members Voted
  • 2 Acclaimed Positions

Elected to the 2017/2018 AAPS Board of Directors:
KRISTEN KORBERG| Member at Large
TAMMY YASROBI | Member at Large

Acclaimed to the 2017/2018 AAPS Board of Directors:
PAUL DE LEON | Treasurer
AFSANEH SHARIF | 2nd Vice President

You can review the bios of all the AAPS Board Members here.

Building Towards Bargaining 2019

AAPS is committed to fully engaging with our members and ensuring member priorities form the basis for our bargaining platform. While negotiations with the University take place on an ongoing basis, bargaining provides a unique opportunity to negotiate for improvements on specific issues.

The Board will work collaboratively with the AAPS staff this winter develop a bargaining communications plan and identify communications channels. The bargaining priorities form is now available for you to contribute your ideas too. A member survey to be distributed in the spring of 2018. This information will be supplemented with feedback gathered at bargaining roundtables that will be held at various locations in the fall/winter 2018/2019.This information will then be discussed, debated and eventually synthesized into the platform we bring to bargaining in the spring of 2019.

AAPS President Andrea Han emphasized that bargaining is most effective when you get involved and when you share your priorities. In order to help you prepare for this upcoming process, I ask you to think about both what is important to you as an individual, and what could be beneficial to the AAPS membership as a whole.

For an overview of the bargaining timeline, please see the AAPS 2016/2017 Annual Report.

If you would like the webcast link of this or any other AAPS General Meeting, please email the AAPS Office.