Call for UBC United Way Representative Applications

AAPS members are invited to apply for 2012 UBC United Way Loaned Representative positions. Participate in a truly unique professional development opportunity while giving back to your community as a United Way Loaned Representative. Learn valuable new skills during a fun, action-packed 16-week period in the fall and help United Way raise funds to support over 500 programs and initiatives across the Lower Mainland. Being a loaned rep can be life-changing, but what won’t change is the terms of your employment – same pay, benefits, and vacation and seniority accrual. 

This is what Dave Needham had to say about this experience... 'As a United Way Loaned Representative, I had the opportunity to contribute to my greater community and do "good work" that made a very real difference. The shared passion, creativity, and drive of the entire campaign team was fantastic. It was an intensely challenging and incredibly rewarding experience!'  For more information: