Strike Protocol for AAPS Members

CUPE 116 and CUPE 2278 are currently in a legal strike position. The union is required to provide 72 hours’ notice and strike action appears imminent. Please note that at this time it is anticipated that any strike action would be limited to the Point Grey campus.

Under Article 14.7 of the collective agreement and University Policy 64, AAPS members have the right to not cross pickets lines if they deem it to be an issue of conscience.  If you choose not to cross the picket line you must provide 36 hours’ notice to your manager, Head, or Director. Members who choose to not cross the picket line cannot be subject to disciplinary action by the University. However, those choosing not to cross the picket line and report for work will not be paid. Any arrangement for telecommuting, flex time or vacation time should be established beforehand with your manager.
The one exception to the rights enshrined in Article 14.7 applies to those AAPS members who are deemed essential by the University. While we expect that number to be quite small in the early stages of the job action, those whose work is deemed essential must cross the picket line and report for work. The University will consult with AAPS about which positions are to be declared essential and any disputes will be referred to expedited arbitration.
For those positions deemed essential the University can compel members to work up to 60 hours per week at its discretion. However, any hours worked under this arrangement above the statutory 35 hours must be compensated on an hour for hour basis (i.e. straight time). Under this rare circumstance a Labour Relations Board “global order” prevails over the collective agreement language. However, please note that all other provisions of the collective agreement remain in force.
If your position is deemed essential or you are assigned exigent duties deemed essential and you are concerned about this designation please contact the AAPS office to arrange a confidential discussion of your situation.
Please also feel free to contact the AAPS office for any general inquiries about your rights and responsibilities during this period of labour disruption.
Michael Conlon
Executive Director