Call for Nominations to the AAPS Board

This is the first call for nominations to the AAPS Board. Elections to the AAPS Board are held each year.  Please note that at the last AGM, the membership approved changes to the By-Laws effectively lengthening and staggering the terms (see below).  The election will be held online in the last few weeks leading up to our Annual General Meeting on Wednesday October 31st in the Ponderosa Centre, Arbutus Room at 12:00 pm

Except for three 1-year term Member-at-Large positions, the Board is now elected to a 2-year term by the members of the Association to set the policy and oversee the operation of the Association.  In recent years with the hiring of professional staff in the AAPS office, Board members have been relieved of most of the administrative functions that previously required much of their time.  This has enabled the Board to address policy and oversight issues without requiring an enormous time investment.  The elected positions on the Board for this year are as follows:

  • President (2-year term)
  • 1st Vice-President (2-year term)
  • 2nd Vice-President (1-year term, this year only*)
  • Treasurer (1-year term, this year only*)
  • Secretary (2-year term)
  • One Member-at-Large (2-year term)
  • Five Members-at-Large (1-year terms*)

We strongly encourage all members to consider running for the Board if they have the time and interest in doing so.  The time commitment is generally two business meetings of approximately two hours in length every month.  We usually hold a one-day retreat in February.  Typically Board members also participate as representatives on University committees and may also undertake AAPS Board sub-committee work on particular issues as time and interest permit.  To learn more about AAPS, we encourage members to review our website:
If you would like more information about the Board and Board positions, we invite you to connect with any of the current Board members listed on our website:

AAPS will also be hosting an information luncheon “meet and greet” with current Board members on Thursday, September 27, 2012 at the AAPS office from 12:00 pm to 1:00 pm.  This is a great opportunity to learn more about the AAPS Board and what serving on the Board entails.  As this is a catered lunch, kindly RSVP by September 25, 2012 by email to

This year, the nominations will close at noon on Wednesday October 10, 2012.  If you wish to be considered as a candidate for the AAPS Board:

  1. Submit your nomination by forwarding to the Nominations Committee Chair the following:
  • Name
  • Contact info (email and phone number)
  • AAPS Board position interested in
  • Term length (if applicable)
  • Candidate Statement
  • Photo for AAPS website (optional)
  1. Ask an AAPS colleague to second your nomination by sending an email to the Nominations Committee Chair.

For further information on the election process, please contact:

Nadia Rad
Nominations Committee Chair
T: 604 822-5114

* In 2013, the 2nd VP, the Treasurer & 2 Member at Large positions will convert to 2-year terms.  For more information on changes to Board terms, please click here to access the By-Laws and scroll down to page three to read Article IV 3.