Strike Protocol Update

Dear Members,

As you know, CUPE 116 has been in a legal strike position since October 3 and has been engaging in a series of job actions. While the job actions have been targeted and limited, the job action is starting to affect the basic operations of the University.  Under the “Global Order” UBC obtained at the Labour Board they can compel AAPS members to do CUPE 116 work deemed necessary to keep the University functioning.

The exception to that order is employees hired after March 29, 2010 – the date the current round of bargaining began. Employees hired after that date cannot be compelled to do CUPE 116 work.  While UBC Policy 64 and our collective agreement allows AAPS members to refuse to cross a picket line with 36 hours’ notice to management, there is no provision allowing AAPS members to refuse to do struck work. However, if it is an issue of individual conscience for you to do struck work we would suggest that you contact your manager and outline your concerns.  Regrettably, exclusion from this work is at the manager’s discretion and refusal to do so could result in disciplinary action.

It is our understanding that the University initially attempted to cover off the CUPE work on a voluntary basis but they may be preparing to order AAPS members to fill CUPE roles as early as today.

Please feel free to contact us if you have further questions,

Yours Sincerely,

Michael Conlon