Okanagan: Rituals of High Performance in the Workplace

Presented by: 
Rhonda Victoor
Monday, April 22, 2013 - 10:00am
Okanagan Campus
Arts Building, 1147 Research Road, Arts – Room 206
Focus Area: Workplace Skills


Program Summary

There is a yearning in the workplace for something more. Yes, we want to be productive. But we want MORE than to-do lists – we want to go deeper. We want enlightened productivity. In this highly impactful program, Productivity Expert Rhonda Victoor will teach the 3 rituals of high performance needed to achieve that optimal state that combines wild productivity with deep satisfaction.

You will leave with 3 customized rituals that you can put into practice, in the areas of relationships, energy and focus – the pillars of high performance.


This session is designed for AAPS member who would like to improve their individual workplace productivity, performance and satisfaction. It will be of specific benefit to members who are being called on to show resiliency at work, are undergoing or anticipating significant change or are on the brink of burnout. To get the full benefit of this session members will need to be open to inward exploration.

What You Will Learn:

  • What “high performance” is really about
  • Rituals of Relationships: Build fast rapport and deep connections with colleagues
  • Rituals of Energy: Examine where your energy for action is at and how to boost it
  • Rituals of Focus: Get clear on your true priorities and stop tiny-tasking
  • Apply the rituals concept so new habits actually stick— banishing the illusion that productivity is about willpower
  • How to stay on track and present — even in the most distracting circumstances
  • You will leave with one customized ritual to propel you towards true high performance

How You Will Learn:

  • Dynamic Lecture
  • Group Discussions
  • Group Exercises
  • Demonstrations
  • Individual Assessment
  • Post-Session Audio Recording

Presenter Bio

Rhonda Victoor is a productivity expert. Rhonda knows it’s not really about managing time. It’s about managing energy.

Rhonda shares her rituals of high performance as a coach, speaker and author. It was those very rituals that lead her to become the World Effective Speaking Champion after winning competitions in Ecuador (while pregnant) and Japan (only 2 weeks after giving birth to her first child).

Since founding Incite Coaching in Kelowna, BC over a decade ago Rhonda has coached professionals across Europe, North and South America. When they apply these rituals her clients achieve enlightened productivity. Rhonda recently expanded her reach to offer self-discovery retreats through www.EmbraceThisJourney.com.

Along with her coaching expertise she brings experiences growing up in small-town Alberta (picture just one paved street), and early years working in government, oil and gas, not-for-profit and even as a fitness trainer. You should also know that Rhonda blends the positivity of Ellen (they both LOVE to dance, albeit badly) with the calm, wisdom and powerful presence of a female-Morgan Freeman (without the deep voice). Her programs are like a true pause in the midst of the chaos.

Rhonda practices her rituals of high performance in business and in life: creating time for her two young children Isaac and Sarah, her partner Troy, and weekly hikes up Knox Mountain.

For her significant contribution to the community she received the prestigious Young Woman of Distinction award and the BC Chamber of Commerce recognized her as one of their Best and Brightest entrepreneurs!

See Rhonda speak

Read Rhonda’s blog

Event Details

Rituals of High Performance in the Workplace
Date: Monday April 22, 2013
Time: 10:00am – 1:30pm
Location: Okanagan Campus
Building: ART, 1147 Research Road
Room: 206


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