Advocacy Reminder: Discipline and the Right to Representation

As an AAPS member, you have the right to representation during disciplinary and investigatory processes as per Article 8 of the Collective Agreement.

When you are informed of an upcoming meeting and are advised that you can have representation, it is in your best interest to have a professional representative from the AAPS office at the meeting. Do not hesitate to contact the AAPS Office, even on very short notice.

A representative from AAPS can benefit you by providing:

  • Assistance in obtaining the facts
  • An explanation of the situation and process
  • A better understanding of related possible consequences
  • A calm sounding board
  • Professional counsel and support

It’s never too late to involve AAPS in the process. If you have declined representation and later want to speak with a representative or wish to involve AAPS, the Member Services Officers at AAPS are available to assist. Contact the AAPS office to book an appointment.

Sharon Cory and Luisa Liberatore, Member Service Officers for Advocacy, are available to discuss this and other work related issues.