2014 Collective Bargaining Update #1

Preparations are already well underway for the 2014 round of collective bargaining expected to begin in late May. AAPS is the legal bargaining agent for management and professional staff at UBC and the current Collective Agreement between AAPS and UBC expires June 30, 2014. The Collective Agreement between AAPS and UBC sets the terms and conditions of employment for management and professional staff at UBC. The Collective Agreement determines wage levels, severance obligations, sick leave, and a variety of other non-monetary rights and responsibilities. 

Bargaining Roundtables were held at Point Grey, VGH and UBC Okanagan and each of the sessions was well attended by a diverse cross section of the membership. Though there were a variety of perspectives expressed, several core themes emerged from the sessions:

  1. Concern about job security and UBC’s move to a more private sector model of HR management.
  2. An increasing frustration that UBC refuses to contribute any funds to the M&P Staff PD Fund—all of the current funding comes from the provincial government and UBC has never contributed any operating funds to the program.
  3. A wage increase that will at least keep pace with inflation and honour UBC’s commitment to pay our members at the 50th percentile.

The Bargaining Committee has begun meeting regularly to winnow down the feedback into proposals to present to UBC. In addition to these core areas the committee will examine ways to make the agreement work more efficiently for both parties. From AAPS’ perspective, the relationship between AAPS and UBC was damaged in the last round of bargaining by UBC’s decision to engage in bad faith bargaining. The two parties have been working to rebuild trust and to renew the relationship. We are hopeful that this round of bargaining will be more productive for both AAPS and UBC.

As noted, bargaining with UBC is expected to begin in late May and the membership will be updated periodically with any significant developments. Once a deal is reached member information sessions will be scheduled and all members will have the opportunity to vote on any deal reached with UBC.


The AAPS Bargaining Team for the 2014 round of bargaining is:

Michael Conlon, Chief Negotiator, AAPS Executive Director

Lia Cosco, AAPS Member-at-Large, Administrative Manager, Department of Language & Literacy Education (LLED),

Faculty of Education

Paul de Leon, AAPS Treasurer, Director Finance and Operations, Department of Physics and Astronomy

Andrea Han, AAPS Second Vice President, Associate Director, Centre for Teaching, Learning, and Technology

Isabella Losinger, AAPS Past President, Manger Division of Midwifery

Adam McCluskey, AAPS Acting President, Manager of Fleet and Inventory, Building Operations


The UBC Bargaining Team for 2014 is:

George Athans, Senior Manager, Employee Relations UBC—Okanagan

Lisa Colby, Managing Director, UBC Staff and Faculty Housing

Linda Fischer, Senior HR Manager

Lindi Frost, Chief Negotiator, Associate Director Employee Relations

Andrew Parr, Managing Director, Student Housing and Hospitality Services