FULL! AAPS Summer Networking Session: Pacific Museum of the Earth

Thursday, August 21, 2014 - 11:45am
Point Grey Campus
Earth and Ocean Sciences Building, 2207 Main Mall
AAPS Summer Networking Series 2014, includes lunch

The Pacific Museum of the Earth (PME) combines the collections of the former M. Y. Williams Planet Earth and Pacific Mineral museums. The Museum includes displays of spectacular rocks and minerals, fossils, a tornado machine, and Canada's first ever OmniGlobe. The OmniGlobe is a digital spherical interactive display on which you can project images of the Earth, moon, or other planets, as well as, real time weather, ocean currents, forest fires, ice cover, plate tectonics, and many other fascinating images and animations.

One of the most prominent displays is the wall-mounted Lambeosaurus skeleton. This 80 million year old fossil occupies a permanent position just inside the door. Minerals, rocks, and fossils, totaling approximately 20,000 items, are drawn from departmental collections, individuals, and societies. Gem minerals and fragile or otherwise sensitive specimens are displayed to the public in a secure "Globe and Gem Gallery."

To learn more about the Pacific Museum of the Earth:

We’ll follow up our program with a box lunch and an opportunity to network.

This Session is Full

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