Dealing with Difficult Personalities in the Workplace, Parts 2 &3

Presented by: 
Diane A. Ross
Thursday, February 12, 2015 - 9:00am
Point Grey Campus & Webcast
Student Union Building, 6138 Student Union Blvd. – Party Room (2nd Floor)
Focus Area: Workplace Skills

Following up on last year’s Dealing with "Difficult Personalities in the Workplace", Diane Ross returns to present the last six personalities in the series. Participate in person, or join the webcast.

Program Summary

You’ve been thinking about having a conversation with a colleague or manager who has a challenging personality. You know there is potential for this conversation to go sideways quickly.  This workshop will review preparing for conversations with three common “difficult personalities”.  The focus?  Building skills so you are confident you can handle anything that comes your way.  With real scenarios you will learn how to prepare messages, manage reactions and respond powerfully.  Practice may not make it perfect but it sure helps!

Morning Session Personalities

Creating a Team Player From "the Control Freak"

  • Learn to cope with "the Control Freak" - the office know-it-alls who love to micromanage
  • Master tactics to motivate controlling personalities to become team players

 Understanding, Motivating, and Empowering "the Jellyfish"

  • Get the most out of "the Jellyfish" - those who struggle to make decisions at the expense of productivity
  • Improve work quality with leadership strategies that help indecisive team members accomplish more

Coping With and Getting Results from "the Victim"

  • Recognize and deal with "the Victim" - those who always seem to have multiple personal difficulties that get in the way of work
  • Discover strategies to keep victims on track without getting "sucked in" to their messes

Afternoon Session Personalities

Dealing With Drama From "the Emotional"

  • How to deal with "the Emotional" in your workplace - the one who tends to cry in the face of bad news
  • Discover tips and tricks to stay in control of emotional reactions in difficult conversations

Surviving "the Super-Critical" and Building Respect

  • Take charge of conversations with "the Super-Critical," when nothing you do is good enough
  • Sidestep the pitfalls of dealing with critical people who are experts at getting under your skin

Succeeding With "the Saboteur" in the Office

  • Prevent "the Saboteur" in your office from undermining the success of your projects
  • Empower yourself and your team to handle saboteurs so success is not compromised

How You Will Learn

  • Small group work and discussions
  • Theory bursts
  • Role-playing exercises

What Past Participants Have Said

“Diane was highly knowledgeable, approachable and genuine”

“Very dynamic, organized presenter. I enjoyed how much she engaged the audience, and promoted group collaboration.”


AAPS members who would like to improve their basic interpersonal workplace skills through exploring and dialoging around three personality types listed below.

About Your Facilitator

Diane draws on her experience as a busy lawyer, professional speaker, overcommitted mother and executive coach to teach others her super simple strategies for having difficult conversations. She has tested out these proven communication skills with incredible results in her own life. She wants to share her secrets with you so that you will have the confidence and the skill to handle any difficult conversation! Get what you want – at work, at home, and in life!

Diane graduated in business and law from the University of British Columbia.

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Event Details

Dealing with Difficult Personalities in the Workplace
Facilitated by Diane A. Ross

Thursday February 12, 2015
Part 2: 9:00am–12:15pm
Part 3: 1:00pm–4:15pm
Location: Point Grey Campus

Building: Student Union Building, 6138 Student Union Blvd [view location Map]
Room: Party Room (2nd Floor)


FULL! Morning Session: 9:00am–12:15pm

FULL! Afternoon: 1:00pm–4:15pm


This session is open only to members of AAPS and is offered free of charge as part of the AAPS PD Program.

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