AAPS Financial Wellness 2016—Q&A

The AAPS Financial Wellness Series is designed to help you create a healthy relationship with your money. If you missed participating in the 2016 series or would like a review, please fill out the registration form to receive a copy of the audio recordings. This series is only available to current AAPS members.

To Dos: Week by Week

Financial Wellness Week 1

Start paying attention to what you are focusing on.

“What I’d like you to learn about yourself this week is what are you focusing on and how many times do you tell yourself or someone around you that you are in some way inadequate and to try to just stay awake to that and stay awake with a loving curiosity, all we are is in a laboratory and we are a bunch of experimenters”

Financial Wellness Week 2

  1. Continue to heighten your awareness of what you are doing, seeing, thinking, feeling, when something financial comes up (money mindfulness)
  2. Where am I Now?
    1. Monitor your cash flow (look a monthly statements or use one of the many tracking tools)
    2. Net Worth (what you own + what you owe / review the recording for the caveats on what you own)
    3. Cash Reserve: Conduct your personal audit and determine how much cash reserve you need. If you are carrying debt, set a minimum and maximum

Financial Wellness Week 3

We are now over half way through the series. Take some time over the next few days to review:

  • How is my cash flow? (Do I know where the money is coming from and where it is going? If not, maybe I need to track for a couple of months. Does where I spend my money truly match my values? Is it within my current means? Am I making mindful choices?)
  • Do I know my net worth?
  • Have I thought about how much I should have in cash reserve? (If I am carrying debt am I putting a dollar toward debt and a dollar toward cash reserve)
  • Have a picked 3 goals for myself? Are they short-term , medium-term, or long-term goals
  • Have I devised a strategy for each of these goals?

Financial Wellness Week 4

Take some time this week to consider 1 or all 3 of your financial goals:

  • How much do you need?
  • How long do you have?
  • Is the date static or fluid?
  • Is the goal static or fluid?
  • What money strategy will you use to achieve this goal?

A couple of points to remember:

  • The further away the goal is, the more volatility we can stand
  • The type of investment you select will depend on how much the goal is

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