Members: Contact AAPS if you are asked to participate in the Dr. Gupta FOI Investigation


Dear Members,

Many of you have been following the release of the documents regarding Professor Gupta’s resignation as President of UBC. These documents were made available by UBC after a series of requests under the Freedom of Information Act. Subsequently, it was discovered that several unredacted attachments were released as part of the package.

As a result, UBC is conducting an investigation into the release of the unredacted documents. You can read UBC’s statement here.

AAPS would like to ensure all members understand their rights and are treated fairly during this investigatory process.

Members have the right to representation during investigatory meetings with the University. AAPS’ role during these investigations is to ensure that the meeting is free from intimidation, handled in a professional manner, and properly documented. AAPS also ensures that members are not forced to answer inappropriate questions.

If you are concerned that you might be called upon during this investigation process, you are encouraged to contact AAPS immediately.

If you are called to an investigatory meeting by the University, you should be offered the right to representation. If you are not offered representation before your meeting, please contact us for support.

 If you are denied the right to representation at your meeting, contact AAPS immediately after and we will be able to provide assistance going forward.

Remember, AAPS works for you. We offer advice that is in your best interest, and your conversations with AAPS are confidential.

Please contact us at 604 822 9025, or through our website if we can be of assistance to you or answer any questions.



Joey Hansen
Executive Director
Association of Administrative and Professional Staff at UBC
604 822 8230