Roads Closed at UBC Saturday March 5th for Triathlon

The UBC Recreation TriDu (triathlon) is taking place this Sat Mar 5th on the UBC Campus and surrounding area.


In summary the following areas will be effected from approx 6am:

1.       University Square (University Blvd and East Mall) until 6pm.

2.       Univesity Blvd from East Mall to Marine Drive (limited access across at West Mall) until 3pm

3.       Marine Drive from West Mall to Kullahan Drive until 3pm

4.       Main Mall from Martha Piper to Stadium Road until 3.30pm


Various limited access, closures and diversions will be staffed by professional traffic management personnel and student volunteers with an emphasis to minimize any disruptions to normal Campus activities.

For any day-of incidents or clarification call the SRC Front desk 604 822 6000.

Website details inc maps are here: