Advocacy Articles

Workplace issues can be complex. AAPS member services officers have written a variety of articles that delve into important workplace topics. While we hope you find these articles useful, you are always encouraged to speak to a member services officer regarding your specific situation or for further clarification.

Advocacy Features

Understanding WorkSafeBC Harassment and Bullying Policies
On November 1, 2013 new WorkSafeBC Harassment and Bullying Policies came into effect. All managers and professionals should take the time to understand these new policies.

Does Working More Hours Make For a Better Employees
Workload demands are changing and it’s important that professionals and managers consider how best to address working beyond a standard work-week.

Discipline and the Right to Representation
As an AAPS member, you have the right to representation during disciplinary and investigatory processes. Understand what happens in a disciplinary or investigatory situation and how AAPS can support you.

Organizational Change and How the AAPS Collective Agreement Applies
Organizational change can have a significant impact on you as an individual. UBC has substantial flexibility in making changes in the workplace and it is important that you understand what your rights are, as a member of AAPS, under the Collective Agreement when these changes occur.