2019 AAPS Board Candidate Statements


All AAPS members are eligible to vote for the AAPS Board of Directors. Elections will close on October 24, 2019, and the results will be announced at the AAPS AGM on Thursday, October 31, 2019.

Please read each candidate's statement before casting your votes.

1. You will be voting for one Treasurer position on the AAPS Board of Directors:

  • You will need to cast a ballot for 1 out of the 2 nominees
  • Please read both of the candidate statements carefully before casting your vote

2. You will be voting for three Member at Large positions on the AAPS Board of Directors:

  • You will need to cast ballots for 3 out of the 11 nominees
  • Please read all of the candidate statements carefully before casting your votes

3. You will be voting for one 2nd Vice President position on the AAPS Board of Directors:

  • You will need to cast a ballot for 1 out of the 2 nominees
  • Please read both of the candidate statements carefully before casting your vote

Get Ready to Vote!

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How to Vote

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  2. Click “CWL login” in the top right hand corner to login with your CWL credentials
  3. Click “Vote” next to “2019 AAPS Board of Directors Elections – Treasurer”
  4. Click the box next to the name of the candidate for whom you would like to vote
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* Polls close on October 24, 2019 at 23:59:59.

2019 Candidate Statements for the AAPS Board of Directors: Treasurer



I considered running for AAPS Board as Treasurer to give back and serve its 4000+ members, and to continue safeguarding its limited assets whilst fully supporting its programs, and ensuring the required reserve fund level is met and sustained.

I am a CPA, CMA. My varied exposures come from the oil & gas, insurance, education, non-profit and healthcare industries where I did the budget, revenue forecasts, financial reports, regulatory compliance, policy development, inventory control, project management, process improvement, strategic planning, training, teaching, administrative, and HR duties. 

Currently, I am a Manager, Pharmacists Clinic overseeing administrative operations and finances. Previously, I worked at VCH where I safeguarded various accounts totaling to around $1.3M. During my stint in Libya, I processed around $3M A/Rs monthly, and saved the company $130M+ through internal controls I implemented.   

Outside work, I remotely manage a private school I built in 2000 as its Founding Director and an immigration company that I established in 2015. I served as a Director-Operations from 2011-2014 of a CRA registered private charitable Society that I also incorporated.

Since 2011, as a CRA Volunteer for a downtown community, I filed around 500+ tax returns for seniors & low income residents.

Happy to serve!



After graduating with a BCom in Accounting from Sauder, I started at Financial Operations’ Procure to Pay team as a processor. Later, I was trusted with the role of team lead before joining the CPA training program at the Comptroller’s Office. I recently completed my rotation at Financial Reporting, and I will be with Internal Audit for the next year.

I have spent almost a quarter of my life studying, working, and living at UBC. What keeps me here year after year is the support network that UBC helped me to build: colleagues who are now my friends and role models; former supervisors who became my mentors and offer their continued support. I don’t take this culture that supports and values both personal and professional development for granted: it’s something that everyone works to maintain, and AAPS has an important role in this joint effort as well. By maximizing the value created from your contributions, I hope we can offer more development opportunities for our members.

Thanks for considering my candidacy for the Treasurer position and looking forward to serving you if the opportunity arises.

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2019 Candidate Statements for the AAPS Board of Directors: Member at Large


Hi! My name is Melissa Carr and I’ve been an employee of UBC since 2003. I began my career at UBC Robson Square, then moved to the Faculty of Medicine at VGH, and am now a Communications Strategist in the VP Students portfolio here on the traditional, ancestral and unceded territory of the Musqueam people.

Through the years, I have benefited greatly from my AAPS membership, and feel it’s a good time for me to give back. I strongly believe in work/life balance and want to advocate for our members’ health and well being. I’m also interested in fair and equitable hiring practices, as well as innovative professional development opportunities to help our members grow their careers at UBC and beyond. I’m also committed to ensuring our salaries and benefits are fair and realistic given the time and place we are living and raising families in.

I believe my tenure at UBC as well as my strong ability to communicate about and advocate for relevant issues will be an asset to the AAPS Board of Directors.

Outside of work, you’ll find me running, swimming, biking or skiing - sometimes with my family, sometimes solo.


I am an engineer by training and I currently lead a group of creative staff and students at UBC Studios and Emerging Media Lab.

Before immigrating to Canada in 1999, I worked in systems design and project management and in my last position was responsible for strategic planning and IT at a large and complex organization. After immigration, I studied media and worked at media production companies.

Since I joined UBC in 2006, I have been working with faculty on projects related to teaching, learning, and knowledge translation. In 2017, with support from UBC IT leadership and Learning Technology Hub, I initiated UBC’s Emerging Media Lab (EML.ubc.ca). One year later in 2018, EML was recognized by the Canadian University Council of Chief Information Officers (CUCCIO) and received the 2018 Innovation Award among all Canadian universities.

I believe my background both in terms of cultural diversity and knowledge of complex organizations will help me contribute to the success of AAPS. I see this contribution as a way of giving back to the wonderful community of UBC staff to whom I am grateful for the amazing past 13 years.


I have worked on the Point Grey campus since 2008 and joined AAPS two years ago. As a student, then a post-doc, and finally a staff member, I have gained many perspectives and insights on the workings of UBC. I would love to use this knowledge to support AAPS and advocate for its membership as a new Member at Large.

In my current position, I work for the Equity & Inclusion Office, in close partnership with the Centre for Teaching, Learning and Technology. I am passionate about creating respectful and inclusive work spaces to enhance the wellbeing of everyone who works at UBC. I am especially interested in making sure that policies, systems and procedures work for people in all of their diversity, and engaging different people in respectful dialogue to figure out what that looks like. I would be excited to bring these values and skills in equity and inclusion to the work that AAPS is doing.

I moved to Canada from France 12 years ago and became a Canadian citizen a few years later as I wanted to be able to take part in civic life in the place that I now call home. I've always felt it was important to give back to the various communities I belong to, and representing my AAPS colleagues would be a powerful way to do so.


My name is Lindsay Howe and I’m the Communications and Events Coordinator for the Irving K. Barber School of Arts & Sciences on UBC’s Okanagan campus.

In my role, I have the privilege of telling the stories of change makers on the Okanagan campus, and supporting faculty events to raise the profile of the Barber School.

Prior to joining UBC, I earned a degree in Communications and a diploma in Broadcast Journalism and spent time working in news radio and communications for local government.

I’m excited by the opportunity to represent AAPS members as a member at large.

During my time at UBC, I’ve had the pleasure of working alongside many talented and accomplished AAPS members on both campuses.

I’m seeking your support in this election because I want to advocate for a restructure of our professional development funds to better reflect the cost of courses and conferences, leaving AAPS members looking to advance their knowledge with fewer out of pocket expenses.

I also want to advocate for initiatives that support mental wellness, and for more flexibility in the workplace including hours of work and remote work opportunities.

If elected, I invite you to contact me with any concerns or suggestions that can improve our association at lindsay.howe@ubc.ca or 250-807-9382.

Thank you for your consideration.


Over the last 15+ years working as an IT professional at UBC, I’ve benefited from various AAPS initiatives. Going forward, I’d like to take this opportunity to represent AAPS members as a Member at Large, as I have always been a strong believer in giving back to the community.

I started my journey at UBC in 2004 as a Reporting Programmer Analyst in Student Systems and progressed to working as Manager, Information Systems at UBC IT. Currently I work within the Chief Data Officer portfolio, with the Enterprise Data and Business Intelligence team, providing subject matter expertise for UBC's Student Information System.

Since immigrating to Canada in 1999, I have volunteered on the executive of a non-profit organization (Society of Punjabi Engineers and Technologists of British Columbia), serving in various roles including being its first woman president — helping new immigrants and students integrate into the tech field. At UBC, I actively volunteer for “Geering Up” encouraging kids to explore technology and also serve on the executive of the Women in Technology, UBC IT group.

As an AAPS board member, I intend to listen closely to members’ concerns, assess their needs and desires, and collaboratively develop solutions to address any challenges identified. I would like to act as a liaison for members to achieve the AAPS mandate of promoting advocacy, fostering community relations, and building enhanced professional networks. I intend to work tirelessly to enrich the workplace experience at UBC, while maintaining a healthy work-life balance for AAPS members.


My name is Kalev Hunt and I'd be honoured to represent you as an AAPS Member at Large. I am currently the Project & Services Manager at CTLT, overseeing learning technology pilots and the campus-wide learning tech rover program, as well as helping run the LT Hub.

My experience with UBC is extensive: from being a Science undergrad in the 1990s, to a Land & Food Systems AAPS member for 7 years supporting learning tech, then a new stint as an Arts undergrad circa 2009. Grad school in Toronto was followed by 5 years as an AAPS member with Science and now 2 with CTLT in close partnership with UBC IT.

Throughout my career, I've learned what a difference having a strong employee association can make for staff. In addition to wanting to help AAPS encourage the University leadership to put its money and actions where its rhetoric is and, as a world-class institution, pay their staff more than just average wages (50th percentile), I want us to improve AAPS members' job security and help gain recognition for the many extra hours of work AAPS members perform that often go overlooked. Bargaining will be starting this fall, so the timing is perfect for us to push forward on these issues!


I have been serving as a Member at Large on the AAPS board for the past two years; I would very much like to continue my work bringing Okanagan issues to the fore. Okanagan representation is crucial, especially now as we approach bargaining, and having over 12 years at the Okanagan campus, I believe I am in a great position to do so. I have learned so much in the past two years, and it has been such an honour to represent not only Okanagan M&P but M&P as a whole. I originally ran for this position because I wanted to give back, and now just as I have gained a firm footing on this board, it is time to ask you for the opportunity to continue to do so.

I strongly believe in the idea of UBC as a community, and of us as citizens. I sincerely care about our experience here.

I started at UBC Okanagan in 2007, and I am presently the Associate Director of the Office of Research Services. I have a Master’s in Public Administration from UVIC, and an undergraduate degree from UBC. I am extremely proud to be both an alum and a staff member.


My name is Abigail Kun and I work as a Marketing Automation and Campaign Specialist on the Recruitment Marketing team here at UBC’s Vancouver campus.

 I would like to join the AAPS Board of Directors to share my expertise and leadership within the UBC community. As a Director for the Kong Han Martial Art Group, a non-profit organization based in Coquitlam, I value the importance of community, equality, and accountability.

Though I have only been at UBC for 1 ½ years, I have also had the pleasure to work with many talented people in the tech and HR industry over the past 6 years, and feel that my experience will benefit the AAPS Board of Directors. Our workforce is constantly changing, and it is our duty to help facilitate and cultivate that growth in a healthy, and safe environment.


I am running for the AAPS Board of Directors, Member at Large, to advocate for AAPS members and ensure those members understand AAPS services through enhanced communication and outreach.

Before coming to UBC five years ago, I worked as a journalist in newsrooms across B.C. so I have a keen understanding of clear and concise communication, delivered quickly and effectively when required, as well as media outreach.

My experience at UBC Media Relations as director of University Affairs has provided me with a deep knowledge of the university environment and an appreciation of issues affecting employees.



My more than 18 years work experience in different positions in academic environments has given me a strong belief that UBC Management and Professional staff play a key role in UBC’s progress and reputation.

Working with different people, during my PhD program at the University of Victoria, allowed me to discover diverse perspectives apart from my own. I have been voluntarily involved in different roles such as Software Team Leader at the Psychology department and used my knowledge to solve local community problems. Moreover, I started first the ACM-W chapter at UVic when I found out we didn’t have one in BC and acted as a chair for 3 years. Also I was the advocate of Computer Science Teaching Assistants at CUPE 4163 for 3 years.  As a scientist and a mother I had the privilege to be a long time, active member of Women in Engineering and Computer Science, IEEE Membership Societies, IEEE Computer Society and IEEE Women in Engineering, and Island Women in Science and Technology.

I feel it is critical to play an active role in AAPS which regulates and maintains fairness and equality amongst our professions. 


I have had the great opportunity to be on the AAPS Board since 2018 as one of your Members at Large. I would like to carry on serving my UBC AAPS colleagues in this capacity by continuing to advocate on behalf of our members, assisting with renegotiating a new collective agreement and strengthening our relationship with the University.

During the past year I have also sat on the hiring committee for a new Member Services Officer, which will be a terrific addition to the AAPS staff that already does a tremendous job for the members. AAPS has a critical place at the University and has been a great resource to me, thus I want to continue helping AAPS achieve its mandate. Ultimately by being on the Board I am part of a team that can contribute to and advocate for UBC to be an environment that supports both employees and their families.

Currently, I am the Director of Strategic Planning and Operations in the School of Biomedical Engineering, a joint initiative between the Faculty of Medicine and Faculty of Applied Science. I hold a BASc in Biomedical Engineering, and MSc and PhD degrees in Pharmaceutical Sciences, and have over 10 years of academic, healthcare, and research administration experiences. In my spare time I enjoy taking my two sons out for walks in Pacific Spirit Regional Park and trying new restaurants with my family.

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2019 Candidate Statements for the AAPS Board of Directors: 2nd Vice President


Hello fellow AAPS members.  Thank you for taking the time to consider my candidacy for 2nd Vice President. I’ve been at UBC for three years, starting as a Financial Processor at Financial Operations, then a Business Analyst at Financial Systems, and currently the Finance Manager at Hiring Solutions. The people I have met and worked alongside have been the best part of being here, and I am thankful to be working here at UBC.

With Workday, collective bargaining, construction, so much is changing here. I’ve learned that some of the existing models that have worked for us in the past may not be working for us anymore.  As 2nd Vice President, I am hoping to engage our AAPS community to discuss the dilemmas of modern life, and in those conversations, bit by bit, dismantle and challenge the issues.  Thank you for your support!  Paul




After serving as a Member at Large, and more recently as Second Vice President, I am running for a second term in the same position. My priorities in representing AAPS members include the principles of equality, workplace flexibility to support all UBC families, fair value based wages that recognize regional living costs. I am running to improve the work lives of all AAPS members.

Over the last ten years, it has been my privilege to have worked within UBC IT, The Sauder School of Business, Internal Audit, and Safety and Risk Services. This broad exposure has formed my view that UBC Management and Professional staff are some of the most diverse, talented, and vital constituents of the UBC community. They will be shaping UBC’s Next Century.

Through my time at UBC I have engaged with the community through participation in many working groups and committees, ridden in UBC’s Ride to Conquer Cancer team, participated in UBC’s the Leave for Change Program in 2012 where I volunteered my skills and experience to aid disadvantaged children in Northern Vietnam.

I am a father of twin toddlers, who I’m bringing up with the support of my husband, who, after many years as an AAPS member is now studying for his PhD at UBC. Our collective UBC experience makes us a true UBC family. Our passion for UBC, the people that make it work, and the challenges they face; position me to continue to serve you, the AAPS membership, through bargaining and beyond.  

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To vote for the AAPS Board of Directors please follow the voting instructions. The election closes on Thursday, October 24, 11:59:59pm.