AAPS operates with the assistance of an oustanding team of volunteers who participate on AAPS committees. We also have dedicated volunteers representing AAPS' members on a number of University committees. Details about each committee can be accessed below.

Interested in participating on a commitee? Please contact the office or read about our current volunteer opportunities

AAPS Committees

Advocacy Committee

Bargaining Committee

Communications Committee

Finance Committee

Member Engagement Committee

Professional Development Program Committee

Joint Committees

Disability Benefit Plan Governance Committee

  • Laurel Saba (CUPE 2278 Representative)
  • Joey Hansen (AAPS Staff)
  • Lia Cosco (AAPS Representative)
  • Margaret Leathley (AAPS Representative)
  • Michelle Berner (UBC HR)
  • Natasha Malloff (UBC HR)
  • Paul de Leon (AAPS Representative)
  • Sharon Cory (AAPS Staff)

Joint Occupational Health and Safety Committees

University-Wide Committees

UBC Board of Governors

  • Kavie Toor, (Excluded Staff Member), Vancouver Campus Staff Reprentative
  • Nicole Udzenija (Excluded Staff Member), Okanagan Campus Staff Reprentative

BC University Staff Associations Group

AAPS meets annually with fellow professional employee associations and unions that represent management and professional staff at provincial research universities

  • Simon Fraser University (APSA)
  • University of Victoria (PEA)