How does the University recognize me when I work a significant amount of hours?

If you are working additional hours due to project or cyclical work, you are encouraged to have a conversation with your supervising manager about the additional hours of work, what his/her expectations are, and how the contribution would be recognized if you are expected to work the excess time either periodically or on an ongoing basis. Article 10.4 provides examples on how your contribution can be recognized and states, “The University recognizes that the contributions of M&P staff may often take the form of hours worked outside the standard work week. This contribution is recognized in the greater flexibility in working conditions and the accelerated pace of earning vacation time afforded to M&P staff relative to other staff groups.” As well, if you receive paid leave at Christmas (Article 12.9), note that this benefit provided to you is meant to offset significant amounts of hours of work over and above the usual job requirements that take place in the year.

If you and your manager are unable to reach a reasonable compromise or you wish to discuss the matter further, please do not hesitate to contact the AAPS office via email or by phone at 2-9025.