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Your Investment in a Quality Work Environment

AAPS helps you get the most out of your employment relationship by working with UBC leadership, fellow employee groups on and off campus, governments, and stakeholders. AAPS takes an active role in campus-wide initiatives that impact your work experience, ensuring your needs and views are part of the conversation. We promote your work and the important role that you play in higher education. We work to communicate issues at the University and in the public sector that may impact you. By maintaining strong and mutually beneficial relationships, AAPS can foster understanding, trust, and support where possible, and be an agent of change when needed.

View our submission to the Select Standing Committee on Government and Financial Services

AAPS Initiatives

Paid leave for workers facing domestic or sexual violence

In 2019 the BC Government put out a call for feedback regarding the introduction of employer paid leave for workers facing domestic or sexual violence. AAPS made a submission to the government in support of 10 days paid leave. In 2020 the provincial government announced that it would be introducing changes to the BC Employment Standards Act that would allow for 5 days of paid leave.

BC Labour Relations Code Review Panel

AAPS has made a submission to the BC Labour Relations Code Review Panel.

This panel is reviewing the Labour Relations Code to ensure British Columbia’s unionized workplaces support fair laws for workers and businesses, and are consistent with the rights and protections enjoyed by other Canadians.”

You can learn more about the review and the panel here.

In our submission, we emphasized the changing nature of work and how important it is for employees of professional associations (like AAPS) be recognized by the Code.

You can read our submission here.


Freedom of Information and Privacy

AAPS contributed to the Provincial government's consultation on the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act (FOIPPA).

You can review the government's website here.

You can read AAPS' submission here.

BC Human Right Commission

The Provincial Government has released their final report and recommendations on re-establishing the BC Human Rights Commission.

You can read the full report here

AAPS considers a well-funded and staffed Human Rights Commission with a broad mandate to educate and address systemic issues of discrimination an important public office. AAPS submitted feedback and recommendations as part of the government’s public consultation process.

You can read AAPS’ submission here

Our comments were featured on page 21 of the final report by the government.

UBC Policy Recommendations


Presentation to the Select Standing Committee on Finance and Government Services

Each year AAPS presents to The Legislative Assembly of British Columbia’s Select Standing Committee on Finance and Government Services.

2019 Presentation

2018 Presentation

2017 Presentation

2016 Presentaiton

2015 Presenation

The Legislative Assembly of British Columbia’s Select Standing Committee on Finance and Government Services conducts public hearings around the province each fall. The Committee hears presentations from individuals, associations, organizations, and corporate enterprise on priorities for next year’s provincial budget. You can learn more about the committee and the consultation process here.

Presentation to the UBC Board of Govenors

The UBC Board of Governors invited representatives of student, faculty, staff and alumni groups to attend the April 2016 board meeting for a discussion on governance. AAPS Board members Isabella Losinger and Paul de Leon delivered the presentation on behalf of AAPS. Our presentation focused on who AAPS members are, and the vital role they play in the modern university. We emphasized the importance of hearing and valuing all voices in the UBC Community.

AAPS Board Nominates Representative for the Presidential Search Committee

The AAPS Board has nominated AAPS First Vice President Andrea Han to be a candidate for the search committee. With Andrea’s extensive experience on the AAPS Board and her central and academic understanding of UBC through role as Associate Director, Curriculum & Course Services, Centre for Teaching, Learning & Technology, Andrea will make a valuable addition to the search committee. Read More

To review the position profile for the next UBC President, please follow this link.

Learn more about UBC's new President and Vice-Chancellor Santa Ono


The Impact of President Gupta’s Resignation on AAPS Members

AAPS is concerned about the impact the resignation of President Gupta may have on you as part of UBC’s Management and Professional Staff group.

As the costs of Dr. Gupta’s resignation and the subsequent fallout continue to mount, AAPS is concerned what these expenses will mean for your workload, your job security, and your departmental budget. You are already being asked to do more with less, and the potential multi-million dollar price tag for recent events may mean further cuts. We are concerned that Board Chair Montalbano’s assurances to the public that neither students nor faculty will suffer as a result of these expenses may indicate that staffing positions will be cut to cover these additional costs.  As you well know, Article 9 provides little job security for Management and Professional Staff. For those of you not familiar with the Article, it can be found here: Article 9. We will seek a full accounting of the costs associated with the resignation of Dr. Gupta and the related fallout. We will also seek assurances that you will not bear the brunt of these costs. Read the full memo to members

Letter—Dr. Martha Piper, UBC Interim President and Dr. Angela Redish, UBC Acting President

Letter—Honourable Andrew Wilkinson, Minister, Advanced Education, Government of British Columbia

Media Coverage

Issues Concerning the UBC Community

Report on Academic Freedom Investigation

On Thursday October 15, 2015 UBC held a press conference to release the summary report of investigation conducted by Hon. Lynn Smith, QC. The matter under investigation was as follows:

Whether John S. Montalbano, Chair of the Board of Governors, and/or individuals in the Sauder School of Business identified by the Faculty Association, conducted themselves in the events following Professor Jennifer Berdahl’s publication of her blog on August 8, 2015 in a manner that violated any provision of the Collective Agreement, the UBC Statement on Respectful Environment, or any applicable university policies including whether her academic freedom is or was interfered with in any way.

Members of the UBC Community were sent UBC's press release and a link to the summary report via broadcast email. If you did not receive the email, please review the link below. AAPS encourages all members to review the summary report as some of the outcomes of the report may have implications for M&P Staff.

UBC Press Release

Summary Report

Open Letter from Dr. Martha Piper

Media coverage and reaction from the UBC Faculty Association

Committee Participation

AAPS participates on a number of joint, University-wide, external committees. Please follow this link to review the full list.