Representing Members on Issues

We are here to support you through workplace challenges.

UBC is one of the largest and most complex employers in the province. As the size and complexity of an organization increases, so do the possibilities for tension. Advocacy is the core service AAPS provides to its members. Member Services Officers answer a significant number of queries and provide professional counsel on the employment relationship with the University. When there is a differing interpretation or violation of the Collective Agreement and the issue cannot be resolved through dialogue with the University, AAPS will file a formal grievance. AAPS always advocates in the members’ best interests and supports them through the advocacy process until the matter is settled

Our Member Services Officers - Advocacy, handle countless matters each year from questions regarding the collective agreement to more complex workplace issues. Any M&P employee with an inquiry or concern should contact the AAPS office and based on the nature of the concern, members will be assigned a Member Services Officer who will be contact you in a timely manner.

Please remember, no question is too small and your conversations with your AAPS representative are confidential.

More questions about our advocacy services?