This section provides a collection of links to relevant provincial and federal legislation for AAPS members.

BC Human Rights Code

BC Employment Standards Act 

Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms

Public Sector Employers Act 

The PSE Act provides the government with direct financial control over all employment in the broad public sector in British Columbia. Through this Act, the Provincial Government directly limits salaries and benefits at UBC and in all other parts of the BC public sector, with the sole exception of the municipalities, which are their own level of government.

University Act


Termination Standards 

The Termination Standards specifically limit the amount of severance that can be paid to an employee who is NOT a member of a “bargaining unit” in any part of the broader BC public sector (with the sole exception of the municipalities, which are their own level of government). UBC and the Public Sector Employers Council believe this legislation applies to “managers” (as defined in the Labour Relations Code) in our bargaining unit.

Commercial Arbitration Act 

The CCA is the legislation under which we process our grievances to arbitration. Since AAPS is not a union we use this legislation rather than the Labour Relations Code for arbitrations.

Labour Relations Code 

"The Labour Relations Code (the "Code") governs all aspects of collective bargaining amongst the provincially-regulated [unionized] employers and employees..."
[Please note that AAPS is not a union and this Act does not apply to us. It is included here as a reference to those of our members who manage unionized UBC staff.]
"...This includes the acquisition of collective bargaining rights, the process of collective bargaining, the settlement and regulation of disputes in both the public and private sectors, and the regulation of the representation of persons by their bargaining agents."