Market Survey

Market surveys are a common method for both the public and private sectors to ensure that employers are compensating their employees at a competitive rate. UBC’s market survey is based on comparing the salaries of their job families with similar or equivalent job families from a list of comparator employers listed in the Collective Agreement. The comparator market is comprised of other Universities and public sector employers of comparable size and complexity to UBC.

In the first Collective Agreement between UBC and AAPS in 1995, the parties agreed to a binding commitment to pay our members at the 50th percentile of the comparator market.

The market survey remains a priority issue for the AAPS Executive Board. The Board will continue to press the University to ensure all members are at least at the 50th percentile as outlined in the Collective Agreement and ensure a fair and transparent process for evaluating and implementing the market survey on an ongoing basis.

2011 Market Survey

Negotiations between AAPS and the University regarding the implementation plan for the remaining $3M of the settlement for market survey adjustments have now concluded.

UBC will now be responsible for implementing the final three phases of the market survey settlement. On Monday December 16, 2013, UBC released a joint statement with AAPS regarding the upcoming implementation for the market survey settlement. You can read this statement here.

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