AAPS New Member Information Registration

AAPS is your labour relations organization, and we here to support you through individual workplace issues, answer questions, provide resources, and negotiate your Collective Agreement, as well as other work-related rights and benefits. 

AAPS is a separate organization from UBC, and our role to provide AAPS members with labour relations representation, education, and advice. (We are similar to a union in many, but not all, respects.) We also provide association-wide professional development and advocacy on issues relevant to members.

Please fill out the New Member Information Form and  email us a copy of your offer letter. We keep the letter confidentially, and it helps to have the letter on file if there are any issues with your employment status or pay down the road.

There are three ways to learn more about AAPS and your Collective Agreement. You can register for one of the options below.

Option #1: Attend an AAPS New Member Information Session

We are currently hosting New Member Information Sessions on the Zoom Meeting Platform. These presentations cover information about AAPS and what we do, key points of your Collective Agreement, and an overview of some of your negotiated benefits. The session has participatory elements (breakout rooms and polls), and there is plenty of time to ask questions. We hold these sessions on a regular basis, and you can register at any time. 

After the session we will send you a link to a previously recorded session and the relevant links.

Option #2: Review a recording of the AAPS New Member Information Session

We have made a general-purpose recording of the AAPS New Member Information Session presentation. You can request a link to view the recording and then follow up with us if you have any questions about the information in the presentation or your specific situation. Along with the recording we will also send you the appropriate links and documents to review.

Option #3: Review the Collective Agreement and Documents

If you would prefer to read the Collective Agreement, review the AAPS Annual Reports and other relevant documents, you are welcome to do so. You are invited to follow up if you have any questions. We have a list of links that we are happy to provide you with.

Register for a New Member Information Option

We will contact you first by email to set up a time to speak.
Please note, if your question requires more information to properly answer or is complex in nature, we may ask you to set up an appointment to speak with a Member Services Officer.