Bargaining Committee

This committee will be struck by the AAPS Board of Directors for the purpsoes of Collective Bargaining. This committee is not on-going.

Committee Chair and committee members shall be under the direction and report to the AAPS Board of Directors.

Review the 2019 Bargaining updates.

Terms of Reference:

Gathering and receiving negotiating recommendations from the Executive Board or constituted committees of the Executive Board.

  • On the basis of recommendations, setting priorities for negotiating, and, subject to Executive Board approval, making any priority recommendations based on experience during negotiations or following negotiation.
  • Negotiating with the University Administration in good faith to represent the best interests of all M&P staff. In turn, the Executive Board will ensure that comprehensive information is provided which will allow the negotiators to make sound and timely judgments during negotiations.
  • Providing timely reports to the Executive Board as necessary on the regular progress of negotiations.
  • Possessing the ability to hire professional negotiation assistance as needed.
  • Receiving the support, as appropriate, of representatives of various Executive Board committees during negotiations. For example, the Chair of the Ad-hoc Salary Administration Committee will be required to attend all salary administration negotiations.
  • The President as Chair shall be empowered to include in negotiation sessions any other Executive Board members as they deems necessary, in addition to the one Vice President already serving as co-chair. The president, in consultation with the Board, has authority to make decisions about the composition of the negotiating team.

2019 AAPS Bargaining Committee Members:

Andrea Han, AAPS President, Associate Director, Centre for Teaching, Learning, and Technology

Paul de Leon, Past AAPS Treasurer, Director Finance and Operations, Department of Physics and Astronomy, Faculty of Science

Joey Hansen, Chief Negotiator, AAPS Executive Director

Ashkon Hashemi, AAPS Member Services Officer for Advocacy

Michael Lonsdale-Eccles, AAPS Second Vice President, Director -PrISM, Safety and Risk Services

Kristen Korberg, AAPS Member at Large, Associate Director, Office of Research Services, Okanagan Campus

Afsaneh Sharif, AAPS First Vice President, Faculty Liaison/Senior Project Manager, Projects and Faculty Partnerships